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    How do you feel ?

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    Unit 1_BACK TO SCHOOL .doc

    (Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
    Người gửi: Đào Xuân Thành (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 21h:37' 03-12-2009
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    I. Put the words into the right column.
    uncle* bad, different, friend, live, nice, classmate, have, happy, go. good, aunt, fine, stay, teacher, busy, miss, parents, children, talk, far. meet, see, old

    II. Choose a suitable word from the list above to fill in each gap.
    1.I am to meet you.
    Nice to you.
    Her new school is from her old school.
    4.I at 130 Hung Vuong Street.
    Lien has a lot of at her new school.
    - Would you like to to the cinema?
    - I`d love to but I`m sorry I`m
    7. - How is it from your house to school?
    - About 500 metres.
    8. Lan is stayinrg with her , on a farm this weekend.
    III. Supply the correct tense for the verbs in brackets.
    1. Hoa (get) up at 6 o`clock every morning.
    2. Where is your mother? - Maybe she (cook) in the
    3. She can`t answer the phone because she (take) ……a
    4. The children (play) football in the playground. They
    (cheer) happily.
    5. Be careful! The bus (come)
    6. The child (fall) asleep easily while the mother is
    singing a lullaby.
    What you (do) in your free time?
    The moon (go) around the earth.
    IV. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.
    is / sister / staying / my / at / hostel / school / the //
    new / is / our / this / classmate //name / his / Minh / is //
    school / smaller / her / her / school / new / than / is / old //
    4. studies / Hanoi / Lan / in // misses / parents / she / her friends
    her / very / now / and / much
    5. the / far / it / from / how / your / is / to / post / house / office ?
    brother / your / different / is / from / how / you?
    have / a lot of /1 / in / friends / but / Hue /1 / don`t have / friends / Nha Trang / any / in //
    feel / you / still / do / thirsty?
    V. Complete the dialogue below.
    A. An: Good morning. 1 An.
    Mai: Nice 2 you, An. My name 3 Mai.
    Are you a4 student?
    An: Yes,5 Class 7C.
    Mai: Oh, 6 am I.7 our new classmate.
    8 name`s Phuong.
    B. An: What is 1 name, Mai?
    Mai: It`s Nguyen middle name is Thuy.
    An: 3 you live?
    Mai: I live 4 82 Tran Quy Cap Street.
    An: How far is it5 your home to school?
    Mai: It`s not6 , about 2 kilometers.
    An: 7 do you go to school?
    Mai: I go to school8 bicycle. How about you?
    VI. Each sentence has a mistake. Find it and correct it.
    -I am in class 7A. - So I am.
    She has a lot of beautiful doll.
    Many things at her new school is different.
    Hew new school is big than her own one.
    Do you miss still your parents?
    The girl is talking to an old man?
    Tuan lives on 12 Tran Hung Dao Street.
    She is happy because she gets bad marks.
    VII. Answer the questions about yourself.
    What is your family name?
    2. What is your middle name?
    3. WTiere do you live?
    4. Who are you living with?
    5. Where is your school?
    6. How far is it from your house to school?
    7. How do you go to school?
    8. Who do you go to school with?


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